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Nora and Brians Hudson Valley Wedding Video At Highland Country Club
Tiffany and Jasons Wedding Video At The Marina Del Rey In The Bronx New York
Sarah and Davids Hudson Valley Wedding Photography at The Thayer Hotel in West Point New York
The Early Spring is a beautiful time to have a wedding, especially with a bride and groom who love each other as deeply as Tiffany & Jason did, as we witnessed on their wedding day. The wedding took place at the opulent Marina Del Rey, a cozy Seaside Venue with an amazing view of the Manhattan Skyline.  [...]

On a Warm Autumn afternoon, Daniel waited patiently by the alter. Despite some heavy traffic, the father of the bride pulled through and escorted the bride to the church on time in his pickup truck. The Bride and Groom, a down to earth couple that loved the outdoors and each other, became man and wife at [...]


While holding both hands, as a smile beamed from Nora's face, Brian looked deeply into her beautiful eyes and knew he was looking at the love of his life on their wedding day. The glowing bride and groom were surrounded by friends and loved ones as they tied the knot with a traditional [...]



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In the heart of a cold Hudson Valley winter day, Sarah & David, a fun and lively couple, had a amazing wedding at The Thayer Hotel, a historic and picturesque venue nestled on a hill along the Hudson Rover. The lovely bride and groom then tied the knot surrounded by family and friends at St Thomas Church of Canterbury in Hastings on Hudson, New York. The Bridal Party then [...]