Security Deposits

   Security Deposits are required within two weeks after contract is signed. (Unless event is before two weeks, in which case the security deposit is required The day of the Wedding.


   Payments, whether a security deposit or remaining balance, can be made in the following ways:

  • Checks or cash can be given in person and made out to Secret Fire Media
  • Checks can be mailed out.
  • All monies can be paid through Paypal.
Album Selection:
The photos to be used for photography albums are up to the discretion of Secret Fire Media, unless otherwise stated by the bride & groom.
    If bride and groom decide to choose photos, they can select photo designated numbers from the proof DVD. Decisions must be made within two weeks and emailed to Secret Fire Media. If photo choices are not made within time frame, Secret Fire Media will decide photos.

How long will it take for our package to be completed?
Generally, it will only take 1-2 Months to complete all orders.

  The customer will hold the copyright rights of all photos while Secret Fire Media will reserve the right to use photos for promotional services.

Do you have Liability Insurance?
   Yes, faxes and emails of the policy can be sent to banquet halls and reception facilities upon request.

   Secret Fire Media